Thursday, January 20, 2011

Curly Girl Day 2

Trying to take pictures of your own hair is a pain in the butt. Especially the sides or back. And with a large camera.

Anyway, I took my shower last night and added a bit of my co-wash for leave-in and gel like I did before and plopped before going to bed, you know, expecting to wake up with the same kind of hair I had Wednesday morning. I did...sort of. Some of the curls were going funky directions (including some up then down) and nothing I did would fix it short of getting it wet. So in the shower I went for a quick water wash before plopping it for ~30 minutes (I meant only for 15 and got distracted on the computer). I don't have a hair dryer/diffuser combo here (we have one at home and will hopefully be on its way soon) so my hair was still damp when I left for lunch. Damp hair meant crunchy hair until it was dry completely so I could scrunch the crunch out.
I left my dorm this morning in a long skirt, slipper boots, and my every trusty winter coat thinking I'd be fine, it wasn't supposed to rain or anything today. It was fine until about 4:15 PM. Rain it didn't, snow it did; it snowed a ton, quickly building a thick layer across the ground. It was cold, I had snow in my face/eyes, and I was wearing a skirt. I wasn't worried about my hair at the time (mostly because all I had left was dinner) and only thought about the massive frizzing that would be happening. I was mildly when I returned to my room to find it only semi-frizzy, and mostly from the hood of my coat.
Perhaps tomorrow will be a better hair day yet. I'm glad I stumbled on the CG method. ^_^

Oh, and here's what I thought was an interesting shot of my damp curlies.

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