Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Curly Girl Day 1

Curly Girl method day 1 went well. Not much of a difference to be really seen except one major thing: LOTS LESS FRIZZZ!!! And it rained today which would have made it worse, but I didn't see much frizz until after dinner. That is an impressive feat for me.

Age 5 [1994-ish]: What I was born with - Naturally curly/ easily curled Hair. I can still get those ringlets if my hair is long enough and wet when I put it up.

Pre-CG [Sometime in Late September/Early October 2010]: Typical hair day when it is down. Fuzzy, ill defined waves/curls. And crooked glasses from my crooked ears.

Prep Day [January 18th, 2011]: Last good washing with sulfate containing shampoo. I did this at night so I didn't go out into the humid Berea weather. Frizz would have been super apparent.

CG Day 1[January 19th, 2011]: Ignore the look on my face. It's about 7 AM before I headed to breakfast and class. Already excited about the curls and they lasted all day through the rain! Didn't start frizzing until the end of the day when I was already back in my room. It was hard not to play with it because it was all soft and pretty. Ready for day 2!

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