Monday, January 24, 2011

Curly Girl Day 6

So... I missed a few days. I was lazy this weekend when it came to pictures, but I took plenty today. I had some beautiful ringlets and it was soft, but not too fluffy. I love it! You can also see the difference between my hair just after I finish plopping and am getting ready to run out the door and the dry, soft, fluffy end. I have a hair dryer/diffuser combo coming from home sometime so I can experiment with that.


Morning of Day 6 (Monday, January 24, 2011). My hair's still damp and I'm rocking out on my iPod as I'm getting ready to head to breakfast with friends.

Day 6 around 10:30 PM: Post day stress and frizz still isn't bad. I'm so glad I switched to the CG method. It's so soft too!
Night of Day 6 - Back of my hair. Pretty and soft ringlets are starting to form more easily!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Curly Girl Day 3

So no hair pictures today. I forgot this morning and my hair is up and back now. I didn't plop my hair last night, but that was fine. I used a different gel than normal though. I've been using Garnier Fructis Curl Scrunch Extra Strong Gel, but I have about 1/3 of a bottle of GF Curl Shaping Spray Gel Strong. I used it hoping it would still work as well. I was disappointed. I had to reactivate it using water several times throughout the day and I had frizz for a good portion of it. I'm switching back to my original stuff tomorrow. Otherwise no-poo is going great! Less frizz and soft! I haven't noticed a lot of shine yet, but I've definitely got softer, better moisturized curls.

Speaking of tomorrow, tomorrow is Saturday! I've got very little homework to do and great food to eat tomorrow as made by the wonderful たくきよんが (Taku Kiyonaga, I don't know his name in Kanji). I have to read a bit for developmental biology and practice my 日本語 (Japanese) for class as well as do a few worksheets. Thankfully this week is over! Today especially with all the ice and snow I woke up to and had to walk across campus in.

Because I have no hair picture today so you get a picture of my fish, Fish, instead.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Curly Girl Day 2

Trying to take pictures of your own hair is a pain in the butt. Especially the sides or back. And with a large camera.

Anyway, I took my shower last night and added a bit of my co-wash for leave-in and gel like I did before and plopped before going to bed, you know, expecting to wake up with the same kind of hair I had Wednesday morning. I did...sort of. Some of the curls were going funky directions (including some up then down) and nothing I did would fix it short of getting it wet. So in the shower I went for a quick water wash before plopping it for ~30 minutes (I meant only for 15 and got distracted on the computer). I don't have a hair dryer/diffuser combo here (we have one at home and will hopefully be on its way soon) so my hair was still damp when I left for lunch. Damp hair meant crunchy hair until it was dry completely so I could scrunch the crunch out.
I left my dorm this morning in a long skirt, slipper boots, and my every trusty winter coat thinking I'd be fine, it wasn't supposed to rain or anything today. It was fine until about 4:15 PM. Rain it didn't, snow it did; it snowed a ton, quickly building a thick layer across the ground. It was cold, I had snow in my face/eyes, and I was wearing a skirt. I wasn't worried about my hair at the time (mostly because all I had left was dinner) and only thought about the massive frizzing that would be happening. I was mildly when I returned to my room to find it only semi-frizzy, and mostly from the hood of my coat.
Perhaps tomorrow will be a better hair day yet. I'm glad I stumbled on the CG method. ^_^

Oh, and here's what I thought was an interesting shot of my damp curlies.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Curly Girl Day 1

Curly Girl method day 1 went well. Not much of a difference to be really seen except one major thing: LOTS LESS FRIZZZ!!! And it rained today which would have made it worse, but I didn't see much frizz until after dinner. That is an impressive feat for me.

Age 5 [1994-ish]: What I was born with - Naturally curly/ easily curled Hair. I can still get those ringlets if my hair is long enough and wet when I put it up.

Pre-CG [Sometime in Late September/Early October 2010]: Typical hair day when it is down. Fuzzy, ill defined waves/curls. And crooked glasses from my crooked ears.

Prep Day [January 18th, 2011]: Last good washing with sulfate containing shampoo. I did this at night so I didn't go out into the humid Berea weather. Frizz would have been super apparent.

CG Day 1[January 19th, 2011]: Ignore the look on my face. It's about 7 AM before I headed to breakfast and class. Already excited about the curls and they lasted all day through the rain! Didn't start frizzing until the end of the day when I was already back in my room. It was hard not to play with it because it was all soft and pretty. Ready for day 2!

Today's the Day part 2 (a day late)

I got my TFA notification and!!.... I didn't get it. While it is sad that I didn't get it and TFA is losing the chance to get the wonderful me, I'm off to more exciting things, like The Big Easy and The Emerald City! Yep, I am looking for jobs in New Orleans and Seattle. Very different sides of the country and two very different cities but I have reasons for both. Mainly, potential housing in family in one (Seattle) and an already raring to go awesome roommate in the other (NOLA). It is a long process since I'm a) so far away and b) so far in advance from when I'm actually heading to either city (and graduation).

Monday, January 17, 2011

Today's Almost The Day...

Tomorrow afternoon is it! I find out if I got into TFA or not. I am completely stoked and terrified at the same time. I don't want to have to call my family and tell them I didn't make it in.

In other news, Christmas was great! I almost got rerouted to Portland instead of landing in Redmond because they were in the middle of a snow storm. We landed but the snow ended up delaying us from getting home until the next morning. Which was fine. What was not fine was the 'loss' of my luggage. Now it's a 'loss' because it was on the plane from San Fran right after mine but they didn't tell us that nor did they call me as soon as it arrived (when I was still in Redmond). Mom was called after I was already halfway home and it was too late to turn around. So I was without clothes other than what I was wearing/had left at home/was in my carry on until Wednesday when a friend of ours brought it over. Break was great (except Merle's driving) for the rest of my 3 weeks. I even got new clothes from my Aunt Myra! It was great!

I'm back at school now though and along with a new semester, I'm trying out a new hair treatment. Called the Curly Girl (CG) or no poo treatment, it used conditioner as shampoo to avoid the harsh drying agents (sulfates) that are found in most shampoos (and dish soaps; they share the same first two ingredients often times). I always knew my hair liked moisture and lots of it. I'm trying the new method starting in the morning and am hoping to see results in anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Fingers crossed that it works. Oh! And it's found at with lots of help from other curly girlies!