Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 2: What is currently on your needles?

I have several projects on my needles right now, but as tomorrow is another 'show us your wips' day, I shall only show you what I am working on right this minute. Like I just put it down to write this and then I shall be picking it up again.

Project One is a pair of socks. I'm making Hermione's Everyday Socks (or on Ravelry) for a Christmas Present/Request. I'm using Regia 8-ply sock yarn that is 75% Superwash New Wool and 25% Polymide. They will be washable, durable, and warm. Perfect for wearing around or inside boots on cold days at the farm. As usual, the yarn and needles were bought at my very favorite lys, Black Sheep at Orenco in Hillsboro. I spent the better part of this morning there, actually, knitting and visiting with the wonderful, amazing owner, Tina.

Regia 8-Ply Alaska Color #08942 

I'm not as comfortable working socks cuff-down or one at a time, so this is a bit of a challenge for me. I like doing them toe-up and I really enjoyed working my last ones two at a time so I knew they both used exactly the same amount of yarn.

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