Friday, October 1, 2010

Thursdays Suck

I know it's Friday, but Thursdays as a senior biology major at Berea can really suck. 3 hours of Cellular and Molecular Biology lab followed directly by 3 hours of Organic Chemistry II lab (that's no lunch/break in between normally), then convocation (if I go), and labor meeting. Luckily for me, Cell/Molec is a lot of doing somethings and waiting, doing things and waiting. This is good because it means we're often out of lab early and I get lunch before I go to Chem lab.

Speaking of Cell and Molec, a lot of people think that my professor/head of department is really hard and a mean teacher. She's not! Dr. A (that's Dr. Dawn Anderson) is a really awesome person that pushes and challenges her students because she cares. Yes, she's very picky about labs and who's in the lab area when. Can you blame her? The lab area we use is the Microbiology lab, probably the most dangerous biology lab room we have (think of all the chemicals, the bacteria, the very, very expensive equipment and materials). She has to know that who ever is in the lab, knows what they're doing and not being stupid about it. And it's microbiology and cell/molecular biology. Nothing in the lab can leave the lab because it could be dangerous! Like now, we're infecting E. coli with a chicken virus (Raus Sarcoma Virus to be exact) to inject into eukaryotic fibroblast cells to attempt to make the immortal. They can't leave the lab or tissue culture area. Students in her lower level classes or not in her classes at all, think she's mean and blunt and, frankly, a cold hearted woman. She's definitely not. Dr. A is good at what she does and really wants people to learn. If they would only stop complaining long enough to listen.

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