Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Midterms have finally ended and classes are settling in for the second half of the semester. In most classes that means more readings, more memorization, more essays, etc. That goes for most of my classes, but thankfully some are taking a break in one way or another.

Today was the last hardcore lab in Parasitology for about 3 weeks when the tapeworms have fully matured in the rats. So the next few weeks we are working on our slide projects and taking it easy in lab. Lecture is a different story with us jumping straight into nematodes.

Cell and Molec has most of the basics down now in lab and so now it's time for the hard part, the actual tissue culture. I'm completely and utterly pumped about it though. I've been looking forward to this point all semester. Class is going to get more intense though, once Dr. Anderson gets better anyway. We don't have class tomorrow because she is stuck in bed kind of sick. This is the first time in the three classes I've had with her that she has flat out canceled class at the last minute. Normally its in the syllabus that we have no class because she is at a conference or something.

Japanese is picking up to with Kanji being incorporated into what we're learning now. @.@ This is going to be an adventure. I don't know if I want to take it next semester or not though because I would really like my lunch hour back. As it sits, I'll have class 8-10 AM (Evolution, the Bio major capstone), 11-12 (Developmental Biology), and 12-1 (Japanese II). But that's it except for work.

Chemistry is finally evening out and I'm remembering some of the material from the first time I took O-Chem II. It will pick back up soon, though, I'm sure. We're finished with our main labs though and we have started on our synthesis project.

Tai Chi is... Tai Chi. It hasn't really gotten any harder or easier but it's nice to go into class kind of sleepy and come out awake and ready-ish for chemistry.

Anyways, that's it for today. Nothing major is really going on.

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