Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Mornings

Now, Sunday mornings typically aren't so bad. I'm not a church going person, so I sleep until 10 or 11, shower, through some laundry in, and head to lunch. But today... I still got to sleep until 10-ish and then the damn fire alarm went off. My dorm (Kettering) has the most sensitive fire alarm on campus. Everything will set it off - smoke (what it's supposed to go off at), hair or body spray, steam from the shower/cooking, hair dryers, room spray, it will probably go off if you breath wrong near it (if anyone tests that, I'm going to kill them personally.) It has gone of at every hour of the day though I luckily haven't been here for the ones at 2/3/4 in the morning.

Time to get ready for the day. Jaane!

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