Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mountain Day

Mountain Day is a tradition Berea's had for a long time. We get the day off from classes and labor (unless you're a poor soul is's labor is essential) and are encouraged to go out and play on the mountain. There is a sunrise hike, leaving campus at 6:30 AM, climbing in the dark, watching the sunrise as the choir sings. It's pretty awesome actually. I've only done the sunrise hike twice, this year and my freshman year. Very cool experience that any Berea student should experience.

After the hike up, and down, the mountain, there are booths, activities, and food back at Indian Fort, down at the bottom. All the Student Crafts are out, a lot of the departments have booths, and it's a lot of fun to grab some friends, some food (kettle corn and caramel apples anyone?), and then wander through the booths, enjoying nature and getting free stuff! I love Mountain Day! I can't believe it was my last one! >.< I'm going to miss it.

We have a similar day in April called Labor Day that is used to celebrate a year of work well done. Same kind of thing minus the mountain.

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