Sunday, June 12, 2011

Here I Come

Those last resort things in the last post? Turns out I am going to use them after all. Instead of remaining in Burns until August and then meeting up with Katie and Tori in New Orleans, I'm going to be flying to Charlotte, NC to meet up with Katie on the 24th of this month. There are no jobs in Burns that work for someone only going to be around for 2 and a half months. After talking it over with many people, I will be joining Katie in North Carolina and then driving down to NOLA with her and meeting up with Tori there. We figure it will be easier to get a job in a place I will be at long term and then fly back for the memorial for a few days.

I'll be traveling to Ontario, Oregon on the 23rd to meet up with my cousin Heather who has offered to take me to the airport the next day so I don't have to spend the night in the airport (again). I'm am very grateful to her!! And then Katie will pick me up in Charlotte for a few days at her house before heading off on our next grand adventure.

All in all, New Orleans, here I come.

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