Monday, March 7, 2011

8 weeks and counting

That's 8 weeks and counting until my undergraduate education finally comes to a close. That finally is both a "Finally, I'm getting out of this damn place" and a "Finally? What do you mean I'm graduating? Are you sure I'm not still a sophomore???" I've come to love Berea more and more each year and, though I am more than ready to jump into the realm of the adult, I'm not sure I'm ready to leave the security of the family I've built here behind. But more on that in the future.

The past two months have been interesting. My hair is behaving like it should, thanks to the CG method, and I have lots more curly ringlets thanks to it.

I learned how to knit the Saturday before Valentine's and have just finished my first project (a scarf for my mom), have a second in progress (a baby blanket, don't know for which baby yet though), and a second scarf for the Red Scarf Project in September. Each thing has a different pattern and challenges my brain and my hands.

Speaking of my hands, I learned that I have something like Ulnar Nerve Dysfunction in my left hand. The nerve that runs up my ulna to my ring and pinky fingers gets pinched or compressed and caused said fingers to hurt or go numb. Dr. David at Health Services prescribed me Naproxin to make the slight swelling and inflammation go down in an effort to control it. I'm also supposed to be taking it easy on my hand. Yeah, right, like that's going to happen often when knitting is the only thing keeping me awake through evolution movies (though I do take frequent breaks to rest the hand and shake it out).

I also broke one of my teeth somehow and had to go see the college dentist for a temporary fix. He took one look at it and said the tooth was probably going to have to come out and I have to go back for a full exam and to figure out how much it is going to cost me. Thankfully I have family that loves me and one of my uncles is going to help me pay for it.

That said, I have a very dear friend (Holly) that will be attending summer term at Kingston University in Kingston upon Thames just outside of London in the UK. I'm very excited for her. I think she realized today just how much work this semester is going to be with study abroad stuff and keeping her grades up. She had a mini meltdown, but I reminded her that it's not over yet. We're only halfway through the semester and she still has time to pull the grade up a bit that she was so worried about. Also reminded her that I'm here for her even when she will be in England; after all, I'm only a skype message away.

Speaking of very dear friends, the other one (Kelly) has applied to attend Stirling University in Scotland for the summer as well. She is still working out kinks in her application, but I have no fear that she won't get in. And then the twins shall have a smashing time across the pond. And hopefully won't run into English Coconuts (you must watch History Channel's Ape to Man to get it) though if it were the type of English Coconut that was found and it proved authentic, they'd probably be rich and famous.

Wooo. Enough for tonight! Off to do other things.

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