Thursday, December 2, 2010

Today's the Day part 1

Today is my personal interview with Teach for America! So far it's been great, though a bit nerve wracking. I'm more of a listener so I didn't talk much during our group activity, but I had ton of fun teaching my lesson! I hope I do well in the next section, my actual one-on-one interview.  This morning I have been a 2nd grader learning about compound words, a 3rd grader learning timelines, a 4th grader learning paragraph structure, a 5th grader studying how things grow, an 8th grader correcting text messages, and a high school senior in calculus. As well as a 10th grade biology teacher. It's been a fun morning. It was a bit intimidating teaching an intro to the cell when one of the TFA candidates teaches at the University of Cincinnati Medical School.

I knew coming into this today that there was a second Berea student in our interview (Yelena) and they rode up with me, but I wasn't expecting a third! Jayla showed up and I was surprised!

Ready for the afternoon? I do hope so. And I hope Katie and Tori are enjoying themselves at the aquarium.

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