Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Flight Home Part I

Wow. After a 90 minute drive, I made it to the Charlotte Douglas International Airport only to find that a)I had to wait for my San Fran-Redmond boarding pass and pick it up in San Fran and b)the $23 I had paid online for baggage last night wasn't showing up in the system. Luckily I had really nice people and they took care of the baggage by overriding it and letting me though. Still kind of bummed I have to pick up my boarding pass in San Fran, but at least I'm on my way. Then, after several people saying it would take 30+ min to get through Charlotte Security, it took all of 5 min because I knew what I was doing: rolly carry-on up, laptop out in separate tray, shoes, scarf, and coat in a second, backpack up, and through the metal detector (no fancy x-ray machines here yet). Everything repacked, backpack, shoes and scarf on, coat over one arm, boarding pass and rolly luggage in hand, then off to find my gate (B9). Grabbed a parfait and hot chocolate from Starbucks (thank you Vicky for the gift card!)

Now I'm just waiting to board my plane in about 15-20 min for a 6 hour flight to San Francisco. Longest domestic flight I've ever had. With a 2 hour layover in San Fran (estimated) I'll be back on eventually.

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