Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hemlock Rings

No, not actual hemlock rings. A Hemlock Ring Blanket. I knit this lovely thing up for a friend's present before she goes on a trip coming up soon.

I don't have any pictures of in in progress though I wish I did - it was a monster on my needles. It became its own project bag eventually. I knit it on US 10 dpns and 40" circular needles using nearly four balls (close to 858 yards total) Cascade 220 Superwash in Mocha. Most people at the yarn shop I bought the yarn from agree it looks better knitted up than in a ball.

Finished pre-blocking. It takes up 2/3 of the width of my full sized mattress.

I soaked in the bathtub with Eucalan for 15 min before blocking it.

Blocked out and drying. Finished blocking it out at 11:30 Sunday night. It wasn't dry until Tuesday morning. That's 16 square feet of blocking board it is on. I probably used close to 300 pins.

Post-Blocking. It's a bit lopsided from my pinning but it is still pretty.

The blanket is currently (October 2-9) on display at Black Sheep at Orenco in Hillsboro, Oregon. It is my favorite lys and I have so much fun when I'm there (typically 2-3 days a week: 2 open knit days on Tuesday mornings and Thursday nights and a Chardoknitting on the second Friday of the month). The blanket is due to be sent next Thursday (after work on the 11th) and so I am letting Tina display it for a week. When I pick it up, it will be wrapped and ready to send off, where it will hopefully be used and not just displayed.

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