Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So many scarves!

So, back in February (I think), my dear friend Katie taught me how to knit. I've made an odd baby blanket, finished my fourth scarf this past week, and started on a fifth. After that and I've earned a paycheck or two, I'll be working on an Autumn themed blanket for my friend Ashley and her fiance as a wedding/Christmas present. But I wanted to show some things off...

Don't have any pictures of my first or second scarves (first is in Oregon and second was a gift already given). But here are the others!

The oddity that is a baby blanket. It is a 2x2 rib, so it is stretchy. It was mostly made of ends I stole from Katie. XD

Lots of pictures for this one and the next! Aero the Bear and his buddies came out to play! Sydney the Koala, Jel the Jelly Fish, and Reece the Onigiri (Syd, Gel, and Ree made by Katie)

I made this scarf for my cousin Sarah. It's a simple 1x1 rib. Full scarf measures about 77 inches (roughly 6.5 ft) in length with 5 inch pockets. I used ~1.5 skeins of Caron's Simply Soft yarn in Iris.

After that was Aunt Carol's Keyhole scarf in colors that reminded me of Gryffindor, though the tan wasn't quite gold enough. A simple basketweave. Easy, fast, and enough yarn left over to do a reverse - which I'll get to later.

That's all my knitting adventures for now. I'll add more later, if I remember. You can always check my Ravelry for what I'm currently working on!

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  1. Hi there. :) I have an account here now too. And I love the pictures of the little creatures with the pocket scarf. ^_^ Cute!